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Our vision starts with offering numerous solar services to homeowners, especially in the Hispanic market. We found that this market is underrepresented when it comes to solar power. We want to educate everyone on the benefits of solar power that include saving you money and using a readily available renewable energy source that has a low-carbon impact on our environment. Our grassroots movement reaches out to communities that would not otherwise be exposed to the benefits of solar power.

We believe in a sustainable future where everyone can access the power they need, whenever they need it. We offer power that is reliable, rechargeable, and affordable. We give people the power to control their home’s energy, while reducing their impact on the planet.

As a company, we strive to put our customers first. We guide our customers throughout the entire conception, design, and installation process that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs. The critical benefit is that you save sufficient energy which puts money in your pocket. You’ll enjoy savings from Sun Tex, LLC and can ensure the utmost protection to the environment.

We provide detailed information about local tax rebates and the incentives from the government, and through our guidance, educate you on the importance of solar power. When you choose us, be confident in knowing you’ll have well-informed, professional, and respectful installers working on your home.

We employ a highly knowledgeable team who take the time to get to know your needs. We have an incredible, diverse, experienced and well-educated team who guarantee superior craftsmanship. 

We strive to consistently raise the industry standard. Our employees have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace while we work to provide clean energy across Texas.

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Have Questions? Call Us  (817) 841 – 9632

SUNTEX is among the world’s leading solar energy solutions provider.

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Few Reasons to Choose Us

Why us

 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

Superior Service

Dedicated to making your transition to solar seamless.

High Quality Products

Saving you money without sacrificing quality

Built to Last

Solar and roofing products include one of the best 25-year manufacturers warranties in the industry.

Easy to Use

Once installed, we will work with the City and Utility to turn your system on and monitor your energy remotely.

Customized Solutions

Tailoring projects to fit our customers needs' and not our own agenda.

Customer Care

We aim to make it right the first time, but will work with you until we find a solution to meet your home improvement needs.

for private

Best Solution for Your Home

for commercial

Customized Commercial Solutions

how we work

Our Work Process


Request A Meeting

Just fill out our request to meet with a consultant.


Meet Virtual or In-Person

One of our highly-educated consultants will meet with you (virtually or in person) and take a few minutes to qualify your home.


Energy Audit

We will conduct an energy audit of your home that includes how many kilowatts are used and inspect your roof for durability and take measurements for a system.


Soft Credit Check

SUNTEX LLC will do a soft credit check for financing to get you the lowest APR.


Start Working on Project

After agreements are arranged, SUNTEX LLC will begin preparations for your utility interconnection and city permitting process. 


Design Solar System

Then, we will design a solar system roof top and make plans for installation.

why choose us

Save the Planet by Using Renewable Energy


SUNTEX is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider that is revolutionizing and redefining the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed across Texas. Serving Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock, and Rio Grande Valley.

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SunTex is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.

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