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Solar Scavenger hunt

This weekend, I challenge you to go have some fun outdoors: here’s a short “Solar Scavenger Hunt” for those living or visiting the major cities in Texas today and tomorrow. If you have other favorites/suggestions, please do leave a comment and let’s go have some fun!


Dallas / Fort Worth

El Paso


San Antonio


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What Did We Learn This Week?

Happy Friday Folks! If you’ve been following along this week, thank you for reading along! I hope you have had

the chance to explore a few different options to save money on the total up-front cost of going solar. With the Federal Tax Credit along with local Cash-back rebates and other types of incentives, ‘going solar’ is moving away from being a ‘luxury item’ and towards a national commodity. Don’t believe me? Call us and get a customized quote today!

For more facts and figures on the growth of solar in the U.S., please check out one of my favorite organizations, SEIA, or the Solar Energy Industries Association, here:

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What Other Solar Savings are Available?

Now, what other incentives are available in Texas? The list varies depending upon your Retail Energy Provider, or REP.

Different REPs offer different levels of rebates and incentives, so to learn more about what your specific REP offers homeowners in your area, check out our incentive page at the following link:

We will continue to update this page as we learn more, but if your REP is not listed, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your solar savings options with you further!

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Still unsure how the Federal Tax Credit Applies to You? Read On!

Let’s be honest, United States Tax Code can get complicated quickly. When talking about federal (or state) tax credits, solar rebates, and local incentives, the message can get lost easily. So instead, let’s focus on just one component first: the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

If you do not have taxable income, the Federal ITC will not apply to you, and you will definitely have to pay more for the total cost of your system. I want to encourage everyone that feasibly can to go solar, but also make sure our customers are able to make informed financial decisions for their families.

For homeowners with taxable income, you can apply for the Federal ITC the same year you have installed the system (it gets slightly complicated during the end of the year, so please reach out if you have a December/January solar installations and have any questions).

We’re happy to walk you through it in greater detail, or feel free to check out the Forbes article below which outlines the recent updates to the Federal ITC and how it applies to you:

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Advocacy is the Best Policy

As the threat of climate change looms, there is more and more pressure on government agencies to modernize the energy sector, and with your advocacy, we’ll be one step closer to making that happen together.

While the price of solar appears to be in a sweet spot, it is still possible that the incoming state and federal administrations will choose to increase solar incentives like the federal investment tax credit (ITC) in the near future. Recently in 2019, along with the passing of the second stimulus package, the 2021 Federal [solar] ITC which had been scheduled to decrease to 22% this year, was instead scheduled to remain at 26% through 2022.



So, theoretically you could wait until later in the year, or next year, once new legislation is released addressing this exact question to see if you should go solar now; or, you could even take that question a step further: call your representatives, and urge them to consider increasing the Federal Investment Tax Credit (and other local solar incentives) today!

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have about this process – or about the solar process in general – we’d love to help!

If you’re in Texas, here are some links to your local and state representative pages:

John Cornyn contact information:

Ted Cruz contact information:

House representatives:

Senate directory:

Thank you for your advocacy, for your civic service, and for your dedication to mitigating climate change.


For more information about the current Federal ITC, please check out the official guide on, here:

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Sunday is Winding Down

Well, the weekend is almost over and it’s time to prepare ourselves for the week ahead! We’ve got some exciting new developments coming up, so keep an eye out for updates, and sign up for our newsletter to stay plugged in!

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The Weekend is Here!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is here and the weather is on our side. Our team will be out knocking doors today to talk to folks about saving money on their electricity bills by going solar – reach out today to schedule a time for us to come visit you in your home!

Why does the solar industry still go door to door to talk to homeowners?

It’s simple – the best way to determine whether or not you might save money adding solar panels to your home is to look at two things: 1) your roof style & the direction it faces (a southern facing roof is preferable for solar, at least in the northern hemisphere), and 2) your electricity bill. Because these two things are readily available in your home, and you usually don’t take them with you to the hardware store when you go, it’s easier for those working in solar to discuss potential savings with you at your door.

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Fully Restored and Ready to Go!

We hope your year is off to a great start, as ours has been thus far – feeling healthy and excited to take on this new year with a renewed sense of vigor. While the previous year has tested our collective strength, we are grateful to have been together with family all year long, blessed to have had plenty of food on the table, and elated that SUNTEX continues to build and grow even in times of global adversity.

Our customers know why of course – solar is an easy decision. With the price of solar panels steadily decreasing (, and local and federal incentives scheduled to remain in place through 2021, the timing simply could not be better to invest in solar! Request a quote today to see if you could save money going solar.

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New Year, New Look

Happy 2021, everyone! We are thrilled to share SUNTEX’s new and improved website launch 2.0! There are lots of exciting changes we’re making this year, and we’re eager to share them with you as we go. Feel free to check out our new website features in the meantime – such as the chat option in the bottom right corner – or sign up for our newsletter to stay plugged into the latest all year long!

We’ll be exploring more information throughout the year about solar energy, local rebates and incentives, and any other questions you may have here, on our daily blog – so reach out to one of us and ask us about solar today! We’re looking forward to helping you learn more as you gather your own research on what it would mean for your family to “go solar.”

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