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“30 Days hath September, April, June, and November”

NovemberIn case you’re like me and forget the answer to this question each year, “how many days are in November again?” Mother Goose has you covered. Check out the original poem, here: If however, you’re like April from the beloved show, Parks and Rec, you might forget the poem, so to jog your memory you can also check out this hilarious episode which you (and of course Ron Swanson) are less likely to forget:

All joking aside however, now that the Turkey and Thanksgiving leftovers have been digested, and the food coma has worn off, it’s time to get back to business before the end of the year hits.

So break out those laptops, pens and legal pads, or whatever you use to be productive, and let’s get to work!

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Cheating Death: “Let Things Rot!”

RotDeath isn’t always a bad thing. More often than I’d care to admit, I have invested in the killing of several fruits and vegetables that sit in my refrigerator until they meet their untimely demise and I am forced to carry them to their final resting place: my compost pile (to learn more about gardening and composting in our previous blog, here: I’m lucky in fact that the City of Austin now composts organic materials because my compost bin was getting a little full, and with each fall season it gets filled to the brim with leaves anyway.

If you carved something scary into your pumpkin this year for Halloween, chances are it’s starting to age and strike a little less fear into our hearts these days. So what can you do with an old pumpkin rotting on your porch?

As for me, I am not quite talented enough to 1) carve something intentional into a pumpkin with a bread knife, nor 2) do so on-time before Halloween hits, and therefore even though I do buy a pumpkin or two each year for decoration, I typically leave it on the front porch un-touched throughout Thanksgiving.

This is certainly useful in really stretching the $20 or so dollars I spent on it as much as possible, however it also means that I did not get to have fun getting all dirty in the carving process, nor eat any fresh pumpkin pie or roasted seeds (pumpkin carvers for the win!).

Whatever you decide to do however, one thing is certain: pumpkins will decompose, and the process can be a little icky to say the least. Thankfully, a friend of mine shared this brilliant and convenient solution from Mateo Barrenengoa with me a few weeks ago – let it rot! Pumpkins will decompose naturally and the entire process really only takes a couple of months, so it’s best to find a nice space outdoors, or make room within your compost bin, and add your old pumpkins to it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Gross!” and to be fair, you’re not wrong. The decomposition and composting processes are in fact, quite gross, so you’re not wrong there. However they’re still absolutely vital to the reproduction cycle of our planet.

That said, I really hope you’ll take the time to watch the video using the link below, and enjoy learning about the process as much as I do! After all, your garden might just thank you for it.


Let Things Rot video:

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Switching Careers Later in Life? We’ve Got You Covered

SUNTEX logoWith the solar industry on the rise, and many people switching jobs currently to adapt to changes in the marketplace due to the Corona Virus, it may be time for you to consider a new career. What if I told you I knew of an industry that required no schooling, no experience, and would supply on the job training?

It sounds too good to be true, however this week we’ll explore a few positions in the solar industry, and at SUNTEX LLC, that fit that exact description. For a more detailed look at what I mean, be sure to check out our prior blog post on the different possible jobs within a solar company (here:, as well as the following interview from our friends at Ecotopian Careers about what we’re looking for in an employee (here, as well as below:

Note: This article was written for SUNTEX by guest writers from Ecotopian Careers. Please reach out directly to SUNTEX if you have any questions regarding this article, or the blog post content.

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What do you Want to be When you Grow Up? Industry Experts are here to Help You Find Out!

Solar Industry It really doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 57, deciding what field you want to work in can be an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re interested in going to school, or going back to school, or if you’re better at on the job training and hand-on projects, learning a new skill while making money is a win-win.

I discussed the process of becoming a Master Electrician in a previous blog post (check it out, here:, and there are a few really strong reasons you might decide to take on this endeavor: 1) the pay is excellent, and 2) you can start “green” as we say in the construction industry, apprenticing for someone with little schooling or experience required, and 3) once you become a Master Electrician, you can dictate your own hours, and decide which jobs you want to take – giving you lots of freedom in the later years of your career.

If you’re afraid of electrocuting yourself however (a valid fear indeed), there are tons of other jobs within the solar industry to choose from! Below I’ve outlined just a few…



Solar companies are A-L-W-A-Y-S hiring more sales staff to learn about the process of installing solar, and how it can save our customers money. The beauty of this position is that it does not require any schooling. Notice I did not say you won’t need to learn anything while on the job (too bad, right?), however it’s definitely something you can learn by doing, and as with any job, the more experience you have, the better you will be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve sold cell-phone batteries or luxury vehicles in the past, if you’ve got any sales acumen whatsoever, or if you just enjoy talking to people, it’s likely you’d be good at selling solar.

Because at SUNTEX we want to make sure our energy consultants and sales staff are experts in training homeowners the ways of solar energy, we spend a little extra time during the training process ensuring that you know exactly what you’re talking about before ever heading to a customer’s home for an energy audit. Unfortunately there are several bad players in the solar market that don’t do this, and the customer is always the one that will suffer for it. We’ve seen it in the past, and do our best to warn others of these types of companies, however because of this insight we know exactly what our team needs to know to be successful in their careers, and we strive towards it con ganas each day.


Solar Industry

The operations side of the solar business, which is where my background in solar began, includes the entire process after a sale it made through installation. I’ll do my best not to get too into the weeds here, but the overall process of a solar system installation is as follows: 1) Design & Engineering, 2) Permitting, Interconnection Application, and Rebate Application, 3) Ordering Materials, 4) Scheduling & Executing the Installation with the same design as it was approved by the permitting office, 5) Inspections, and 6) Permission to Operate (PTO), when your system is actually turned-on and fully functioning.

The most important piece of this puzzle is the installations team! In order to install solar, you don’t need any education or experience necessarily, as you will get these with on the job training, however you do need to be prepared to be at work by 7:00 AM (or earlier in some cases), and work in scorching heat in the summer months (since roof-tops are typically about 15 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the daily temp, see what I mean here:, and colder weather in the winter months.

Of course there are other pieces to this puzzle behind the scenes such as billing and accounting, manufacturing, and customer communication throughout, which is also generally included within the scope of the operations team. So it’s safe to say there are plenty of options to choose from should you decide to work within the Operations division at a solar company.


Another exciting experience you can glean working in the solar industry includes Information Technology, or more commonly known as IT. Depending on the size of the solar company you’re working for, IT department activities can include anything from building and managing the company website, to manufacturing and testing solar panels and accompanying equipment in a lab (admittedly, this may be nearer to the field of engineering but you get the idea)

It’s important that the entire Operations life cycle of each customer project is tracked smoothly, so you don’t skip any steps and so that you can keep the customer in the loop about what’s happening next, so as a solar IT expert you might also be responsible for building out the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help you track this life cycle, or any of the other online tools that can help a solar company grow sustainably (including tracking Sales calls and researching new potential markets for solar, or managing customer energy production data to ensure quality service throughout the life of a solar system, to name just a couple more).

Whatever your interest in tech – web development, database management, or integrated systems – there is likely a job waiting for you in the solar industry. Not to mention, I can personally attest to the fact that as this industry continues to rapidly grow and develop easier ways of doing things, there are plenty of new tech jobs opening up each day, and a ton of room for innovation.


With all of that said, there are people who must keep the ship afloat and running in the right direction, and that includes the administrative staff. People in these positions are like jack-knives, floating from sector to sector and providing help and insight where needed. Because they’re likely responsible for overseeing executive-level schedules and tasks, they have a good line of communication and visibility with company leadership. Communication skills and time management are therefore essential to their every day work, however this also allows for flexibility and diversity in their workload, and the work can often be done remotely as well. If you’re an organized individual and want to learn more about the solar industry – without working on a rooftop during installations, or deep inside of the code designing a software system – you might want to see what Administration positions are available in your area today.


As you can see, there really are a myriad of things to choose from. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today and see if you’re the ‘right stuff’ for SUNTEX!

SUNTEX Careers Page:

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We’re Hiring! Discover the Magic of the Renewable Energy Industry for Yourself

We're HiringSUNTEX LLC is now hiring! We’re happy to report that we’ve had a pretty successful year, and with new projects on the horizon, and more home owners to meet, we’re looking to expand our energy consulting team. If you’ve ever wondered about solar energy, or renewables, or just want to learn more about the home improvement industry in general, be sure to fill out your information on our Careers Page today!

SUNTEX Careers Page:

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Let the Halloween Countdown, Begin!

Sweater WeatherWell kids, as SNL’s Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph would say, “It’s [finally] sweater-weather” (check out the SNL skit here for a quick laugh:

While some of you readers may know, I am a big proponent of holiday décor – it gives me something in the fall to look forward to each year, and of course there is an art to it: you must adhere to each specific holiday in a given month or week, so that you give them the proper honor and care they deserve. Of course, I’m lucky enough to have storage space to hold at least one (or four, in my case) holiday boxes.

So, while I genuinely try not to accumulate too much new stuff each season (a costly endeavor indeed!), I can take these boxes out each year, and spread around pumpkins and ghouls at Halloween, instead of buying disposable decorations and throwing them away at the end of fall.

When my husband and I first started dating, we were much more mobile (as youngins often are), and moved seven times in seven years before being able to purchase our first home. So it’s safe to say that holding onto this stuff takes real dedication, and closet space, which is a luxury not everyone is afforded. So, today’s blog will focus on some cheap DIY decorations for Halloween – whether you intend to store them and bring them out each year, or just want something fun for the kids to do instead of video-games. If you do intend to get rid of them afterward, just don’t forget about recycling your materials, or donating to local stores and shelters whenever possible.

Here are a few creative ideas on what to do to get ready for this spooky holiday season – keep in mind that some of these projects are spookier than others, so parental guidance is highly recommended:


Now if you’re not into decorating, but still want to plan ahead for trick-or-treating, there are tons of low-cost ideas you can try – and we’ve got you covered there as well! Check out the following links to get your creative juices flowing:

Did you find any new favorites for your haunted house décor? How about a new costume idea you hadn’t considered? Please feel free to add any ideas and suggestions in the comments below! We look forward to helping you celebrate Halloween in style.

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Happy Fall Y’all

FallWe’re entering those exciting days of the year where the summer heat Finally starts to dwindle, and nightfall seems to come sooner and sooner each day. It’s that magical time just before Daylight Savings time takes hold of our schedules (November 7th this year, according to Google anyway:, and we still get to enjoy those last few glimmers of kids playing in the sun, or relaxing days spent at the pool or lake.

So make sure to take that vacation, or enjoy a nice stay-cation, and get outdoors while you’re still able to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!

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Preparing Your Solar Panels for Fall

Solar Panels in the FallAptly named, fall brings about the shedding of leaves which accumulate in your yard at a much faster rate than the rest of the year. Almost immediately, even if you don’t notice the transition in temperature, the wind starts to blow and the trees shake, leaving you plenty to do on the weekends.

Of course if you’ve installed solar panels on your home, or if you’ve done your homework before going solar, you know that any shading whatsoever can impact the efficacy of your panels, and their ability to produce energy for your home.

That’s why we’ve gathered a few helpful tips on how to prepare your home, and especially your solar panels, from the dire consequences of leaf accumulation.

Check them out below:

All joking aside, I hope you’re enjoying the start to September, and have already begun planning your fall garden as well! Do you enjoying working outside or decorating for the season? Feel free to share your Fall Home prep or Favorite Fall activities in the comments below!

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Thank Goodness, September is Here!

SeptemberSeptember first is finally here! Today is the day we start to debate whether we’ll go against the grain this year, or fall in line and start complaining about how early the pumpkins and Halloween décor hit the scene. Fall is creeping around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited for the fall weather to follow. Whether or not Texas will experience the fall weather is beyond me, however I’ll be happy with anything below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

This week as we transition into at least the mindset of shorter days and cooler weather, and prepare for the weekend ahead, we’ll take a look at some energy industry insights on energy data and how this could affect you, as well as preparing your solar panels for the fall.

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