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SUNTEX Appoints Megan Brannen as New Chief Executive Officer


SUNTEX CEO: Megan Brannen


Dallas, Texas, July 15, 2022. SUNTEX announced today that Megan Brannen of Austin, Texas has been appointed the new CEO of the company. An experienced business leader and developer, Brannen will succeed Alejandra Mendoza and assume responsibilities on July 15. After almost 4 years as CEO, Mendoza will now serve in the company as Managing Director.

Megan Brannen worked as VP of Operations of another Texas solar company back in 2017 for two years. Before that, she worked as a Consultant with Deloitte Consulting, and as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in Health and Sanitation in Guatemala.

“It was immediately clear that Brannen was the right fit to be my successor and lead the company to new heights,” said Alejandra Mendoza, Co-founder and Managing Director.

“We’ve (Jose and Ally, Co-founders of SUNTEX) been aware of her skills and ability to stay on top of the continuous changing solar processes, we have known her work before she joined SUNTEX as our Executive Administrator and we know she will lead us well in the next chapter for our company.”

As Executive Administrator, Megan really helped solidify the vision for SUNTEX. Hiring new members, and creating training and onboarding materials, she helped to shape company leaders and train them in how we at SUNTEX do honest business within the solar industry. For more information on her background, check out our ‘About Me’ page here:, and her Linked In Profile, here:

She is gifted not only in servant leadership, but also has key organizational and project management skills that have allowed her to tackle multiple projects and grow this company organically since she came on board in 2020.

While at (other companies), Megan Brannen made a number of improvements to the supply chain that led to increased savings, and launched a range of new services, increasing revenue by 40%.



SUNTEX LLC is a family-owned company based out of North Texas. With an emphasis on high-quality solar power with the highest level of customer service, we’re dedicated to providing the best energy solution and experience to our customers.

Media Contact:

Ally Mendoza, Managing Director of SUNTEX

[email protected]

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SUNTEX Updates: Thank you to Ally and Jose Medoza, and their Journey to Oklahoma!

SUNTEX Mendoza

Mendoza Family: The Heart of SUNTEX

Pues, que puedo decir? Les agradezco mucho a Alejandra y Jose de SUNTEX.

This fall, the Mendoza family starts a new adventure to Oklahoma, and will also be accompanied by their four children. While they will still of course be Board members of SUNTEX LLC, and will continue to oversee the administration of this incredible company, but they will also be passing the torch to someone who has worked with them (and with you all, dear readers) for years – Blog Author and former Executive Administrator, Megan Brannen. For more on her background, please feel free to check out our former highlight, here:

Megan has worked passionately and ardently to help SUNTEX grow organically – while putting a few of the nuts and bolts in place behind the scenes – and will continue to support the team in her new capacity as CEO of SUNTEX. Her knowledge of the solar industry, specifically in commercial and residential operations, as well as the research she has conducted to understand the renewables industry at large uniquely qualifies her in this role.

Additionally, because of her background experience working in Consulting for Deloitte Consulting, LLC, as well as her experience as a former Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), she is not only organized, but also gifted in solving problems, in Spanish.

SUNTEX Mendoza

SUNTEX CEO: Megan Brannen

Please do Congratulate her when you see her! She is very excited for what’s to come for SUNTEX in 2022, and beyond.

So far this year, we’ve had the opportunity to attend events such as the ACORE Inaugural Accelerate Member Forum in March, where we met with several small companies – and much larger companies – currently working in renewable energy across the United States. In mid-May, Alejandra and Megan had the chance to attend the Clean Power Conference and hear from industry leaders and policy makers that more renewable infrastructure was on the horizon, as well as potential funding sources which would enable better equality in terms of implementation.

That’s where we would like to help. Todos de nuestros empleados y/o contratistas hablan español. Lo se, que el acento mío tiene que mejorarse bastante todavía, pero es cierto que puedo hablar y escribir español a veces. Básicamente, nos gustaría ser el proveedor de energía solar número 1 en Texas, Nuevo México y Colorado para los hispanohablantes. Nuestro negocio creció desde la idea que todos deben tener acceso al energía renovable, y sostenible también, con Servicio al Cliente mejor que lo demás. Eso es la visión de SUNTEX que crecieran sus fundadoes, Alejandra Olguin Mendoza y Jose Ismael Mendoza, y por eso, seguimos adelante.

This year we’re looking to continue to grow the business and expand training for our team, as well as our customers. We’ve got a fantastic team behind us whom are poised behind our Sales Team Manager, Martha Mavita, to educate primarily Spanish-speakers on how to complete an energy assessment in your home, and what steps you can take to mitigate your carbon footprint. Our team is well versed in product knowledge, industry knowledge, and most importantly, how to save customers money long-term.

Only time will tell what the future holds for us, but before stepping into this role, I know the entire team at SUNTEX, and likely several of our customers as well, would like to thank the Mendoza family for everything they have done to bring us to this next moment. Ally and Jose have worked tirelessly for over 20 years in Construction and Project Management, and for the past 5 years in the solar industry in Texas.

Having worked alongside them, I know they can tell you firsthand what an exciting and cumbersome journey it has been! Again and again they have proven their ability to lead their team-members to become leaders themselves, solve complex and unique problems in terms of customer service, and really deliver on the promise to serve others better than they would serve themselves. Working alongside them for the past three years at SUNTEX, I am incredibly grateful that they have asked me to step into their giant, strategic shoes and take the next step in my career with SUNTEX. I am so very grateful, and only have the future to prove it. Thank you for this opportunity.


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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022

New Year

I hope you’ve eaten your black-eyed-peas, or your 12 grapes at midnight, because the new year is finally here! On a personal note, my mother – who still calls me each year to make sure – instilled in me the absolute necessity of eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck. In fact, I remember one year I searched three different grocery stores on New Year’s Day and they were completely sold out of black-eyed-peas, so I know some of you are familiar with this tradition already!

However if you’d like to o learn a little about where these traditions originated, check out the following links, respectively:,the%20first%20day%20of%20January, and here: – and typically I try not to play favorites with other websites but these articles were both very eye-opening, and the second one about the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight is hilarious and definitely entertaining. Please do check them out in your spare time, you won’t be sorry.

That said, what an incredible start to the New Year we’ve had thus far. Personally, we arrived back home from the Christmas holidays, just in time to spend New Years Eve with some good friends, delicious food, and great drinks. All joking aside, we rang in the new year with a lot of laughter and love, and with a sense of excitement I haven’t felt in the past couple of years – and am hoping this feeling will carry through for all of 2022.

On a side note, I must warn you that now that we’re in a year ending in ‘2’ get ready for lots of rhyming to come through in 2022…you get the idea. While we’re on this random tangent, please raise your hand if like me, you also ask yourself each year… “wait, is it Happy New Year, or Happy New Years?!” To help us out, Grammarly has put together a short blog to address that exact question – check it out, here:’s%20is%20the%20end,year%20happens%20at%20a%20time. The short answer is, it’s almost always “Happy New Year!” since ‘years’ would imply multiple new year’s.

New Year 2022

On a more professional note, we are in the process of welcoming to a few new folks joining our sales team, including some brand new players, as well as some friendly faces from years past. With the growth of our sales staff, and a reenergized look to our horizon, we’re ready to take this year by storm. While I can’t give too much away just yet, I can say from personal experience and having worked with a couple of these people in the past, that they are some of the kindest and hardest-working individuals I’ve ever met, and I’m thrilled to work with them once more.

We’ve also increased our operations staff to bring you even more of the highest caliber customer service you expect from us at SUNTEX. I know I’m not alone in saying we’re looking forward to seeing what they bring to the team, and as leading industry experts, I know they will help to set us apart, while bringing superior innovations and ideas to the table.

More to come on new team member highlights in the near future (and be sure to check out our ‘About Us’ page periodically to see what changes are announced there –, but for now, please join me in giving them a warm welcome, and sharing in the excitement that 2022 has already brought to SUNTEX! We can’t wait to help you curate the energy-efficient home of your dreams, so give us a call today for a free quote. In the meantime, from the entire team at SUNTEX, we wish you a magnificent start to 2022, and once again, Happy New Year!

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Team-work Makes the Dream-work! I am So Excited to Begin working with this Fab-5


I cannot stress this enough: I am SO excited to work with our new team of energy professionals! I’m very happy to report this week that our team is growing, and we’re already learning a lot about each other as we embark on the next steps in our careers. It’s always nice to shake things up with new faces, however I have to say I’m truly impressed with this group thus far.

Because most of the folks joining our team this week have been working during the day and/or have to care for their families, as well as managing their busy schedules outside of SUNTEX during the day, we’ve been attending evening trainings from roughly 9-11PM. Of course I would be remiss if I did not also thank Ally and Jose – our fearless leaders – for leading these discussions each night AFTER a full day of work each day! The dedication and insight each of you have demonstrated thus far is nothing short of inspiring, and I am truly enjoying getting to know all of you better!

This week, as we’ve done in the past, we’ll be shining a spotlight on each new SUNTEX member so you can get to know the team too! Please check out their bios here, and reach out if you have any questions for us as we go. Feel free to reach out to them as well – or drop a comment here – I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you out!

More than anything, I want to express my deepest gratitude to this group for igniting the flame of hard work and excitement in each one of us here at SUNTEX, as well as for carrying the torch forward! The work we’ve done thus far will help support you in the field, but the work you all have already done this week, as well as the work still needed in the weeks to come, is incredible, and I can’t imagine a better team to be part of than the one I have here!

Your commitment to excellence, to learning something new, and to saving the planet (and to a better future for your families and your children) is really encouraging, and it’s nice to know we have that in common. SUNTEX has always been dedicated to delivering above and beyond for our customers, and I’m proud to say that each of you exemplifies that each day by showing up, asking questions, and being active participants in the fight against climate change.

Thank you all for your contributions thus far. Vamos Equipo!

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Switching Careers Later in Life? We’ve Got You Covered

SUNTEX logoWith the solar industry on the rise, and many people switching jobs currently to adapt to changes in the marketplace due to the Corona Virus, it may be time for you to consider a new career. What if I told you I knew of an industry that required no schooling, no experience, and would supply on the job training?

It sounds too good to be true, however this week we’ll explore a few positions in the solar industry, and at SUNTEX LLC, that fit that exact description. For a more detailed look at what I mean, be sure to check out our prior blog post on the different possible jobs within a solar company (here:, as well as the following interview from our friends at Ecotopian Careers about what we’re looking for in an employee (here, as well as below:

Note: This article was written for SUNTEX by guest writers from Ecotopian Careers. Please reach out directly to SUNTEX if you have any questions regarding this article, or the blog post content.

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What do you Want to be When you Grow Up? Industry Experts are here to Help You Find Out!

Solar Industry It really doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 57, deciding what field you want to work in can be an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re interested in going to school, or going back to school, or if you’re better at on the job training and hand-on projects, learning a new skill while making money is a win-win.

I discussed the process of becoming a Master Electrician in a previous blog post (check it out, here:, and there are a few really strong reasons you might decide to take on this endeavor: 1) the pay is excellent, and 2) you can start “green” as we say in the construction industry, apprenticing for someone with little schooling or experience required, and 3) once you become a Master Electrician, you can dictate your own hours, and decide which jobs you want to take – giving you lots of freedom in the later years of your career.

If you’re afraid of electrocuting yourself however (a valid fear indeed), there are tons of other jobs within the solar industry to choose from! Below I’ve outlined just a few…



Solar companies are A-L-W-A-Y-S hiring more sales staff to learn about the process of installing solar, and how it can save our customers money. The beauty of this position is that it does not require any schooling. Notice I did not say you won’t need to learn anything while on the job (too bad, right?), however it’s definitely something you can learn by doing, and as with any job, the more experience you have, the better you will be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve sold cell-phone batteries or luxury vehicles in the past, if you’ve got any sales acumen whatsoever, or if you just enjoy talking to people, it’s likely you’d be good at selling solar.

Because at SUNTEX we want to make sure our energy consultants and sales staff are experts in training homeowners the ways of solar energy, we spend a little extra time during the training process ensuring that you know exactly what you’re talking about before ever heading to a customer’s home for an energy audit. Unfortunately there are several bad players in the solar market that don’t do this, and the customer is always the one that will suffer for it. We’ve seen it in the past, and do our best to warn others of these types of companies, however because of this insight we know exactly what our team needs to know to be successful in their careers, and we strive towards it con ganas each day.


Solar Industry

The operations side of the solar business, which is where my background in solar began, includes the entire process after a sale it made through installation. I’ll do my best not to get too into the weeds here, but the overall process of a solar system installation is as follows: 1) Design & Engineering, 2) Permitting, Interconnection Application, and Rebate Application, 3) Ordering Materials, 4) Scheduling & Executing the Installation with the same design as it was approved by the permitting office, 5) Inspections, and 6) Permission to Operate (PTO), when your system is actually turned-on and fully functioning.

The most important piece of this puzzle is the installations team! In order to install solar, you don’t need any education or experience necessarily, as you will get these with on the job training, however you do need to be prepared to be at work by 7:00 AM (or earlier in some cases), and work in scorching heat in the summer months (since roof-tops are typically about 15 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the daily temp, see what I mean here:, and colder weather in the winter months.

Of course there are other pieces to this puzzle behind the scenes such as billing and accounting, manufacturing, and customer communication throughout, which is also generally included within the scope of the operations team. So it’s safe to say there are plenty of options to choose from should you decide to work within the Operations division at a solar company.


Another exciting experience you can glean working in the solar industry includes Information Technology, or more commonly known as IT. Depending on the size of the solar company you’re working for, IT department activities can include anything from building and managing the company website, to manufacturing and testing solar panels and accompanying equipment in a lab (admittedly, this may be nearer to the field of engineering but you get the idea)

It’s important that the entire Operations life cycle of each customer project is tracked smoothly, so you don’t skip any steps and so that you can keep the customer in the loop about what’s happening next, so as a solar IT expert you might also be responsible for building out the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help you track this life cycle, or any of the other online tools that can help a solar company grow sustainably (including tracking Sales calls and researching new potential markets for solar, or managing customer energy production data to ensure quality service throughout the life of a solar system, to name just a couple more).

Whatever your interest in tech – web development, database management, or integrated systems – there is likely a job waiting for you in the solar industry. Not to mention, I can personally attest to the fact that as this industry continues to rapidly grow and develop easier ways of doing things, there are plenty of new tech jobs opening up each day, and a ton of room for innovation.


With all of that said, there are people who must keep the ship afloat and running in the right direction, and that includes the administrative staff. People in these positions are like jack-knives, floating from sector to sector and providing help and insight where needed. Because they’re likely responsible for overseeing executive-level schedules and tasks, they have a good line of communication and visibility with company leadership. Communication skills and time management are therefore essential to their every day work, however this also allows for flexibility and diversity in their workload, and the work can often be done remotely as well. If you’re an organized individual and want to learn more about the solar industry – without working on a rooftop during installations, or deep inside of the code designing a software system – you might want to see what Administration positions are available in your area today.


As you can see, there really are a myriad of things to choose from. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today and see if you’re the ‘right stuff’ for SUNTEX!

SUNTEX Careers Page:

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We’re Hiring! Discover the Magic of the Renewable Energy Industry for Yourself

We're HiringSUNTEX LLC is now hiring! We’re happy to report that we’ve had a pretty successful year, and with new projects on the horizon, and more home owners to meet, we’re looking to expand our energy consulting team. If you’ve ever wondered about solar energy, or renewables, or just want to learn more about the home improvement industry in general, be sure to fill out your information on our Careers Page today!

SUNTEX Careers Page:

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SUNTEX Featured in the Media!


MediaExtra, Extra, Read all about it!

We’ve had quite an exciting year this year at SUNTEX, and adjusting to pandemic protocols while building our business operations was certainly no easy feat. So it’s really exciting when we feel like we’re starting to get traction, and establish a stronger online presence and get some traction in the media.

That’s why we’re excited to share with you a recent post authored by our US National partner, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE,, highlighting the work we do for others! In this article you’ll find responses from our fearless leader and CEO, Alejandra Mendoza, about the work SUNTEX is doing and the importance of serving our customers the best way we possibly can. To learn more about Ally’s background in solar, feel free to peruse our previous Meet the Team! blog post on Ally, here:

For the key feature from ACORE, please check it out using the link below, and reach out directly if you have any questions or comments.

ACORE Article: “Renewable Power Perspectives Q&A with Ally Mendoza, CEO of SUNTEX,”

A Huge Thank you again to Ms. Constance Thompson, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs at ACORE, and the entire team for this shout-out!

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Good Fortune

It’s easy to say you want to do the right thing, harder to follow through. I’ve heard the phrases “love your enemies” and “teach with love” over and over again, but today I was fortunate enough to sit down with two people who truly embody and embrace their meanings: Ally and Jose Mendoza. It’s not often you get to work with someone in life who inspires you to greatness, while walking the walk with humility, but today I was reminded that I had that exact opportunity with my employer, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. They reminded me how to be an internal and eternal optimist, and showed me that even through hardship, their own grace and ability to move forward will triumph over all. It’s people like this that remind you of your own strength, of your own desire to be a steward of peace and good. I am happy to work for this company because they allow me the space to be creative, to grow as a writer and a person, but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with these people, who show me not only in word but also in deed just what it means to lead by example. Should you have the chance to meet with several contractors as you go on to complete projects for your home, do yourself a favor and just sit down and have a conversation with one of them – it won’t take long for you to feel the same hope and love they bestow on their employees, and I can’t say anything that would truly describe the benefits of doing so – but you’ll feel it in their work, because that passion and inspiration reverberates through everything they do. I’m honored to work for SUNTEX, and truly grateful for the opportunity.

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Meet the Team! Jacob Stauffer, Energy Consultant

Meet Jacob! Jacob Stauffer began working from an early age, and started painting houses with his uncles company at just 13 years old. From his early experience it was easy to see he was a natural-born leader, with an incredible work ethic. Working while he went to school, he became the Manager of Schlotzskys while still in high school!

From there, he decided he wanted to learn a little more about the energy industry, and went to work as a Regional Salesman for the North America Venture Capital company, selling energy contracts for Liberty Power and Just energy. He worked there for a couple of years, which allowed him to become well-versed in the Texas energy market and equipped him with a better understanding for how the Texas energy grid is owned and operated.

This experience and proven ability to work with customers makes him the perfect fit to join SUNTEX as a Solar Energy Consultant, and as a very proud partner of the SUNTEX Solar Advisors organization, he is happy to help his customers understand which energy provider is best for them, as well as helping them understand whether or not solar is right for their home. His top priority however, is to help all his clients get the best solar system possible and do whatever is beneficial for them and their family.

For some fun facts about Jacob: he is a dog and animal lover, a sneaker connoisseur, and has a passion for cooking – he enjoys cooking pasta dishes and steak. Spoiler alert ahead: Jacob’s favorite marvel movie is Avengers End Game because of the role his favorite super hero, Iron Man, plays – and while his character arc is a tragedy, he likes how the movies really built up to this scene all throughout the series. He also is an avid reader of the comics, and was able to share an insider tip with me to check out the new edit of the Justice League (on HBO max) – which is way better than theater cut in his opinion. He enjoys watching/attending any of the Dallas team’s games, but is also a Seahawks fan. His bucket list includes traveling to every continent – and possibly some day even Mars!

Feel free to reach out to him directly to set an appointment – he’s looking forward to it and will see you there!

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