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Cleaner and more localized approach

Solar energy is a cleaner and more localized approach to address increased energy demand in our communities and in our homes. Unlike most technology upgrades, solar energy begins producing energy as soon as you install it (and legally turn it on, connecting it to the grid), thus you start saving money on energy costs almost immediately, and are able to recoup the overall cost of the system over time.

How does solar energy work?

When solar panels – which are typically made of Silicon, a high conductor of energy – receive sunlight, electrons move from one side of the panel to the other, creating an alternating current (AC). This AC energy is then converted through a solar inverter to direct current, or DC, which is the energy you use to power appliances in your home. DC energy is consumed, as more AC energy is produced, and both are read by smart utility meters. Smart meters allow you to not only track how much energy is being consumed from one meter read to the next, but also communicates data to your utility company about how much energy your solar panel system is producing, allowing you to offset the cost of your electricity bill via utility net metering.

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