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Sun Tex, LLC provides you with the technology you need to have a better quality of life with solar. Switching to solar energy is an investment in your home and the future of our earth. Switching to a cleaner, more sustainable energy source will save you money in the long run and give you more control over your energy expenditure. 

We pride ourselves on educating everyone on the benefits of solar energy and the local and federal tax credits.

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As a company, we strive to put our customers first. We guide our customers throughout the entire conception, design, and installation process that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs. The critical benefit is that you save sufficient energy which puts money in your pocket. You’ll enjoy savings from Sun Tex, LLC and can ensure the utmost protection to the environment.

We provide detailed information about local tax rebates and the incentives from the government, and through our guidance, educate you on the importance of solar power. When you choose us, be confident in knowing you’ll have well-informed, professional, and respectful installers working on your home.

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