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The Day of the Party! Good thing someone looked up the weather in Montana…

Party Washington

Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, WA

With excitement brimming, dishes stewing, and the water glasses sweating in the 90-degree weather, the day of the Sims family party had finally arrived! I couldn’t wait to see everyone again, and tell them what we had been up to and where we were planning to go next. Since I was in charge of salads – both lettuce and fruit – that day, I had to get a head start on the mise en place for the dish so it could all cool in time for the guests to arrive. Luckily I had the kitchen mostly to myself, and we had already gone shopping at Pikes Place Market earlier in the week for all of the necessary goods, so I got to work.

Soon, people started piling in, and the smiles and hugs reverberated through the crowd. Food was served, and time seemed to slow down for that afternoon as we all met under the shade awnings and talked about what a year we’d had. The kids played in the sprinkler/slide and absolutely none of the adults complained when they got wet from standing too close to the action. We talked about our plans for the house and the work SUNTEX would be doing all month long – and somehow I was even more invigorated to see all of the changes. We also mentioned our camping trip and the healthy fear of bears that had started to take over us.

Party Washington

Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, WA

Funnily enough, we had been planning so intently for the weekend reunion, as well as gathering the camping supplies and doing meal prep for the cooler, that no one had even bothered to look up the weather where we would stay. So, it was quite a surprise when someone shouted, “It’s going to snow in Montana in August?!” Quickly, we whipped out our phones and checked – sure enough, the second night we were planning to be in Glacier National Park, the temperature was expected to be 28 degrees Fahrenheit, with a chance of flurries! My Texas ears just couldn’t believe it – snow in August?? We had packed for cool weather but not this! Thank God someone looked it up before we left!

I think it’s safe to say the party was a success. With full bellies and full hearts, everyone parted ways that evening, laughing a little easier. It was incredibly refreshing getting to spend time with family again, and even though we were outside in the summer heat, we didn’t encounter any problems a Topo Chico couldn’t fix.

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Fully Restored and Ready to Go!

We hope your year is off to a great start, as ours has been thus far – feeling healthy and excited to take on this new year with a renewed sense of vigor. While the previous year has tested our collective strength, we are grateful to have been together with family all year long, blessed to have had plenty of food on the table, and elated that SUNTEX continues to build and grow even in times of global adversity.

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