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Reminder! Earth Day Events Kicking off Today

Let’s take a deep dive into today’s calendar events and the week ahead:

Keep an eye out for more events to come this week and next as we ramp up to Earth Day 2021!

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Early Earthly Events

As promised, this month we’ll be exploring more celebrations of Earth Day around the world. For just a few additional ideas on what you can do to get involved this year leading up to the big day, check out the following list of virtual Earth Day activities from eventbrite.com: https://www.eventbrite.com/c/virtual-earth-day-activities-ccbfwgyd/ – many of these events are free, though some are not – so check out your favorites and be sure to add reminders to your calendar because there are several starting this week! I’ll continue to post reminders for this link throughout the month so you don’t forget. Happy Early Earth Day!

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