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Ally Mendoza

Co-founder & Managing Director
Management, Energy efficiency
6 years in the solar industry

About Ally Mendoza

Ally is a driven entrepreneur and subject matter expert in solar energy and energy efficiency. She has worked in the solar industry for over 5 years and has developed a unique insight into the customer experience of going solar. The customer is at the heart of every decision she makes for her team, and that dedication develops a culture of problem solving and innovation as Jose and Ally work to tailor their products and service offerings to support each customer in understanding what products are essential and which are auxiliary, and how it will help save money in the near and distant future, based on your own financial and equity goals.


Ally started her career in roofing and home improvement contracting over a decade ago. She has seen the growth and the pitfalls customers can fall into when navigating home improvement and saw the need to create a better customer experience throughout the process. She has worked tirelessly to see that SUNTEX is doing things the right way, the first time. Early in her career as a project manager at a startup solar company, Ally learned first hand the importance that good communication and teamwork can have on a business, especially while working under tight timelines and in such innovative industry.


Through her determination to better serve her community, she has taken these experiences and modified them to fit the rigorous standards she sets for the SUNTEX team daily. Her strength is in educating customers to make smart financial decisions while providing excellent customer service, but her passion lies in driving her team to do the same for each SUNTEX customer so that no homeowner is left behind.


Ally brings her experience in customer service from the hospitality industry, serving guests and team members for 10+ years and always making sure the customer gets the value and experience they deserve. Ally will be getting her NABCEP certification from SEI in 2021.

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