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Megan Brannen

CEO & Regional Manager

About Megan Brannen

Meet Megan! Megan developed her work ethic from an early age, before graduating from Texas Tech University with an International business degree, and double-minors in Spanish and Psychology, she graduated high school with the International Baccalaureate program which supplied college credits towards her first year. 

Her drive to truly develop her skill set in the Spanish language led her to join the Peace Corps, where she lived and worked in rural Guatemala within the healthcare industry for two years. Upon returning to the U.S., Megan went to work for Deloitte Consulting as a business analyst – writing requirements and developing the online Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System, or TIERS, and later for the Washington Health Insurance Exchange, or HIX, in order to implement Affordable Care Act policies for the state of Texas, and Washington, respectively. Working at Deloitte offered her a myriad of exciting opportunities such as co-leading Impact Day for the Austin office – a company-wide service day dedicated to volunteer work and helping others – as well as partaking in the U.S. Global Office fellowship where she worked alongside senior leadership to develop communication and reporting strategies within the global office, as well as working on their global deployment program. 

Noticing a market trend towards renewables, she went back to school to begin a career shift to Environmental conservation, before accepting a position as the Operations Manager for a start-up solar company in Austin, Texas. While at this small start-up, she helped the company grow from about 5 employees to nearly 100, and oversaw operations for the installation teams which would bring six million dollars worth of revenue in the first year. Being new to solar, she moved to a company with a little more industry experience to see the full scope of the solar industry in Texas. During this time, she worked as a customer liaison for the sales team, before being promoted project manager to oversee the Commercial installations. 

These experiences made her the perfect fit to join SUNTEX LLC to help the company grow organically in the Texas solar market. Working as an environmental consultant allows her the flexibility to also manage her non-profit, Ally Tees, which accommodates her philanthropic endeavors. Her diverse background in healthcare, IT, and the energy industries makes her the ideal candidate to manage small project development at SUNTEX, while we ramp up in the Texas energy and construction industries. 

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